La Schiacciata all'olio: a simple and wonderful product with humble roots

Schiacciata (skya-cha-tah): the Tuscan Flat Bread filled with premium meats, cheeses and vegetables you can enjoy for your lunch at Farinolio has simple roots.

Italian farmers and peasants would fill the their wood fired ovens with flat breads before baking their regular bread for the week. One of the main purposes of the schiacciata was to ensure the oven was hot enough for bread making. It's a simple recipe which uses flour, water, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. In Tuscany we use it as street food for a quick lunch or snack. There are over 600 names people use for this product in Tuscany! 

Farinolio picked Westfield in New Jersey to preserve and share this simple Tuscan tradition in the United States. Please come and enjoy this delicious bread and ask us in person if you'd like to know more!

Francesco Colbertaldo