Curious about the name of our delicious Tuscan schiacciatas?

If you’ve ever wondered what the names of Farinolio’s delicious Tuscan “schiacciata” sandwiches mean here is the answer: each piece of schiacciata is named after a Macchiaoli painter. The Macchiaioli were a group of young Italian painters who lived and worked in Tuscany during the period of the Risorgimento (Italian National Unification in 1861). This short-lived artistic movement, indigenous to Tuscany, which shared many conceptual similarities with Impressionism but pre-empted the French movement by nearly a decade, represents one of the earliest developments of European modernism. Often overlooked outside of Italy, the works of the Macchiaioli are worth exploring for the freshness and authenticity with which they captured the world around them, at a time when that world was undergoing critical cultural and political change, and traditional rural life was giving way to modernity. If you are interested in learning more start with “ArtEscapeItaly” at

Francesco Colbertaldo